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I'm a journalist, a technology advocate and the current director of the Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA).

I write the Space Conference News website (which tracks upcoming international space science and engineering conferences), edit/ write the Commercial Space Blog (which focuses on the Canadian space systems industry), contribute a monthly Point-to-Point column on Canadian space activities for Thruster (the monthly market tracking report from NewSpace Global) and also contribute 6000 words per issue to Canadian Mining Magazine.
Space Conference News
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Phil said...

Fantastic blog, very useful. Thank you for your efforts.

Just so you know, some of the events listing seems to be duplicated. If you read down from the top, you'll find some entries mentioned twice, and some of these have curtailed text.

Thanks again.

Chuck Black said...

Thanks for the kind works.

I normally work without an editor and it's quite likely that there are mistakes.

If you point them out to me, I be happy to correct the errors and drop the duplications.

Carson said...

This blog is dope! Appreciate all the work you put into this blog.

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